I don’t much care for adding another title for this one.

So here in Alabama, we were hit pretty hard by the tornados. My family lost power for 35 hours and 21 minutes. Yes, I did note how long we were out of power- from 6 am Wednesday to 5:21 pm Thursday.

The weekend before I finally told my father that I wanted to move in with my mom after graduation. My father was upset over it. I had a mental breakdown. My father left with our stepmother and didn’t come back until the next day between 1 and 2 pm.  Since this happened, I have begun to consider an alternate- moving in with my friend, whose stepmother has fallen on some hard times. She has COPD, yet she smokes and has been hospitalized. I was told that she is on a ventilator. Anyone who reads this, I ask that you keep her in your prayers to which ever God you pray.

Lent is over, so I am back to watching Japanese anime and listening to my Japanese Rock adn Metal. 🙂

I graduate from high school in 24 days.