We all know the common misconception that the earth is warming up and that the ice caps are melting and the CO2 levels are too high. The truth behind this is that, yes the earth is definitely warming up, but its not due to the emissions of vehicles or anything of that degree. Rather, the earth is back into a warming up stage of the planet’s life. Follow this short timeline with  me–

Dinosaur Era- Earth was hotter than it is now.

Post-Dinosaur/Pre-Man Era- Earth cooled down and the Ice Age occured.

Post-Creation of Flesh Man- Natural warming since the end of the Ice Age.

Its just that simple. The problem lies with the people who are making mountains out of mole hills. There are the people out there that say “Save the planet” but is it really going to prevent the earth from naturally heating back up? No. All it may do is prolong the inevitable. Earth is heating back up, we have people freaking out about a natural pattern. Some records that are from the past century or two show an average temperature about 1 or 2 degrees below our current temperature. The people who took those readings did not have the equipment that we have, so how can we trust that what those readings show is actually true?

From the Ghost Ninja #13