Today in my third period class, which is Physics, we took notes on the solar system. Why the solar system in Physics? We have been studying Astrophysics. After jotting down the first few notes on the Nebular Theory. This theory describes how our solar system was formed. From my understanding, all of the objects in our solar system (planets, the sun, moons, comets, asteroids, etc) came from the same gases that condensed into the planets. From there, the first four planets from the sun had their gases evaporated and were left with solid surfaces. According to this theory, evverything in our solar system was made from the same material. If this is true, then why is Earth the only one that has an abundance of water? Mercury has no atmosphere, so there is little to zero chance that there is an atmosphere. According to what I have found out, Venus’ atmosphere is made up mostly of carbon dioxide and has clouds made of sulfuric acid. Mars and our moon have ice caps, but I have not found anything that would suggest liquid water. The gas giants are made completely of gases that did not evaporate from the sun’s heat. So how would we test for water vapor there? It would be difficult to do such because I think that the vapor would be mixedd with other gases and chemicals. If everything in the solar system was made from the same material, then why is our the only one with usable water? If all other planets were one astronomical unit away from the sun, would they all have the same composition of water? If all planets had the same composition, then would they all have conditions suitable for life?

My personal opinion on this is that none of this could be as random as the Nebular Theory suggests it is. I believe that God wanted everything inanimate to be assembled a certain way in a specific manner and that is what has happened.

From the Ghost Ninja # 13