To start, I did not really feel like bolgging yesterday, so I did not. But now I do, and you get to learn about my weekend. First off, and this is something to keep in mind while you read this- my father has told me that we are considered to be poor. Keep that in mind when we get to Saturday. Friday, after school I went home on the bus as is my normal Friday routine. I was excited about getting home because I knew that we were going to go to Books-A-Million, Old Navy, Academy, and Lowe’s. I was excited most about BAM because I always find something interesting to buy there. Well, I had a $50 giftcard to spend, a birthday gift from my father. What is the first thing I do when we get to the store? I see a girl that I know. She graduated last year from the same high school I am graduating from this year. As she did her job, we spoke generally about all kinds of things- colleges, people, books, and some other stuff. After what was probably 45 minutes of socializing and looking for books, I look in the Languages section and find one of the Japanese phrasebooks that I did not have. It came with a CD and was only $10. I also looked in the Sports section under Martial Arts, looking for something about Kendo. I found one book *the name escapes me now* and it barely fit into the giftcard money. As I looked through it, I noticed that there ws not the DVD in attached to the back like the cover advertised. I mentioned this to the cashier who ordered one for me. He said that I looked to be an ambitious one and gave me the name of a similar martial art- Shinkendo. He also went on about how one would progress through the levels of Shinkendo, but i simply nodded in agreement and did not pay him much attention on it. With that, we wnet to the truck, dropped off our few books, and headed into Old Navy. Then we came out of Old Navy because my younger sister did not find anything that she liked. It is always difficult taking her clothes shopping. She is one of those girls who says “I don’t know” in repsponse to your question of “Do you like it?” So annoying. Anyway, we then headed over to Academy. I am not used to being on my feet as much as I was Friday evening, and so I was significantly tired by this point. My father spends about $533.00 on a brand new smoker. (For those of you who do not know what a smoker is, it is similar to a grill but has a compartment to the side where the fire is held. the only escape for the smoke is through the small smoke hole that lead to the main area where the food is. Normally, smoking food is a “low and slow” thing, as my father says.) I go up and down a few aisles, looking for something that interests me. I see some exercise equipment that I might like, but there is no way that the giftcard could compete with the price of the product. I was told that the card was for $25, when in actuality it was $50. After searching for something, I found nothing that truly captured my eye. So as we check out, I pick up a Milky Way, a 3 Musketeers, and some beef jerky. No more than $7 spent there. We go home.

Saturday rolls around and we get up early because my sister has to take the ACT. I am woken by my father saying through my door “Get up, we have to go.” I take about ten minutes getting ready. We get in the truck and are off. With 30 minutes to spare, my sister gets out of the truck and walks into the high school where she takes her ACT. Then my father and I leave. Not to be seen again in the same vehicle. My father takes me looking around for a car. For me? I wish! He actually was looking for a convertible. He had one, wrecked it several times, then got rid of it. So we go through almost every car lot that has cars for sale, looking for that one  car that a would satisfy his need. Around 10:15, I would say, we arrive at one car dealership that had that car. A salesman comes out and talks to us a little. My father requests a CARFAX, which he gets. We go for a test drive, and I want to drive the car. As if I will ever get to do that! We go back to the dealership and my father starts getting the paperwork done. Around 11:30, we leave in a Mini Cooper to pick up my sister. She looks confused as we pull up. I fabricate a story that our father bought the car. She was on edge about it. Anyway, we went back to the dealer to finish the financing on the 2006 Mustang GT Convertible worth $17,993. The traded-in truck (Ford F-150) was worth only around $8,400. My sister and I are eating the free snacks and I had some of the best hot chocolate that I have ever had. My father gets the car and we go back to Academy. This time I find something that I actually like- a CO2 powered BB handgun. I also got 5 CO2 canisters. We went home and I shot one canister dry. I lounged around the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay awake long enough to get my Anime Night- Kekkaishi, Bleach, and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Sunday was the easy day. I play Oblivion on my 360 but did not get the opportunity to shoot my handgun because my stepmother was staying home. She has a problem with guns from a bad childhood experience, so she is anti-gun. Since I got that handgun, I have been practicing with it every day after school.

From the Ghost Ninja #13