The Rapture is a very common misconception within the Christian community. Many Christians are taught that the Rapture is what will happen in the End Times before Satan is thrown out of Heaven and comes to Earth as the Antichrist. I do not wish to scare anyone, but we are in the End Times. As a matter of fact, this earth age will end by the year 2068. That is the latest year that this earth age will be alive.

Many false prophets of this time teach that all Christians will “fly away” before the Antichrist comes to earth. This is simply not true. In the 1830s, a young wman by the name of Margaret McDonald had a dream. This dream showed people flying away at the end of this Earth age. She told a preacher about the dream; she even called it evil. The preacher saw this as a way to get out of the trouble that was ahead of them if they were to live to the End Times. So he took the idea and began preaching to his congregations about being able to fly away to save your soul. Soon, this idea of “flying to save the soul” spread from one church to another, and it has now enveloped most of the Christian community. However there are several faults with this idea of “fly away.”

The first is- if all believers in Christ were to fly away in the End Times before the arrival of the Antichrist, then who would be doing God’s work? No one. The non-believers would worship the False Messiah as if he were the real one. Most of the world will do this anyway, but there are those who will be converted from worshipping Satan to realizing what is going on. There is a group of people who stood with God in the First Earth Age to fight against Satan when he rebelled. Those are called the Elect (there will be more on this group in a different post). They are not any of the angels, but rather, mortal souls like you and me. The difference between the Elect and everyone else is that the Elect have a destiny that will cause them to choose to let the Holy Spirit speak through them against the Antichrist himself. Do not misinterpret this as they are the only ones with a destiny, for everyone has a destiny, but the Elect should know what theirs is.

The second fault- It is clearly documented in boh the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible that Christ will return to Earth, not for us to “fly away and meet him.” As a matter of fact, in First Thessalonians (Chapter 4, verse 17), Rapturists pull their single verse that “proves” that they will indeed “fly away.” However, they fail to do their research. In the Greek (the New Testament was originally written in Greek), the word “air” means the breath of life body, or the spiritual body, not literally the air that we breath.

The third fault- in the Old Testament, in Ezekiel (Chapter 13, verses 17 -23), God is speaking to Ezekiel telling him that He is against those that teach His children to “fly to save their souls.” You must read this in the older versions of the Bible like the King James Version to get this. In newer translations of the Bible, the Kenites (more on this group in a different post) have changed the verse to sound like God is speaking against His very own creation of birds. The fault there is that God loves all of his animals, just like He loves us.

The fourth fault- the Bible does not contradict itself. If you believe what a Rapturist says, then the Bible will contradict itself, Moses was buried on Earth, and we will come back in the flesh again. None of these statements are true. Going back to the example in 1 Thessalonians, the verse 4:17 says that we will meet Christ in the spiritual body. If you believe a Rapturist, then we will “fly away and meet Him in the air.” If the Rapturist were telling the truth, then what it reads in 5: 23 would be contradictory. In 5:23, it says that Christ will come back to Earth. This is something that a Rapturist would not be able to convincingly tell someone. Unless that person is just that gullible- to believe something crazy like the “fly away” or to think that the Bible would contradict itself. I know that there are people out there who feel that everything I am saying is an absolute lie. There are people out there who believe that what I say is all lies. Let them believe that.

The fifth fault with this idea is the timespan. Since Margaret McDonald dreamt this idea, it was about 1,800 years since the book of First Thessalonians was written. No one then taught of a “fly away” end for Christians. But what happened? About 1,800 years later, a woman tells a preacher about it, who then links this idea to a verse that had been there for almost 2 millenia! It is stupid to believe something like the Rapture.

The sixth fault- in the original translation of the Bible, nowhere, I reiterate, NOWHERE is the word “Rapture.” So why would someone believe such an obvious lie? Because it is all they have ever been taught, the only thing that they have learned. So why, then, do they not bother to read and learn for themsleves? Because they are afraid to misinterpret things the way they are not taught. Because the word usage does not make entire sense.

If ayone wishes for me to give them documentation of any of the above, please post a comment requesting for what and where it can be found.

From the Ghost Ninja #13