Every now and then I begin to wonder about some things. I usually mention these ideas to someone I know. For the sake of his own protection, he will be called Je. After the first idea I mentioned to him, he stated that I was thinking like a pothead. I disagreed, since I have never done any drugs. With the exception of the prescribed medications. I have mentioned another idea to him, and here I will share them with you. Both have to deal with space and the mysteries within it.

The first “Pothead” Thought is about light. I have seen the shows on The History Channel about the universe and Einstein himself. I understand few of the things that are actually said. Regardless, here is the first thought: A star gives off light, the light hits everything in its path. Hypothetically speaking, it does not hit something and continues to race through space. Where does this beam of light end up? Hypothetically speaking, there is no end to the universe, as it is said to be an ever expanding, well, expanse. With the human eye, it looks like it is gone, completely vanished. But if we were to follow this beam of light, where does it end up? Where is the end of space?

The second “Pothead” Thought is not as off the wall as the first. Or so I think. Black holes have the strongest gravitational pull of everything discovered so far. Nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole, not even light. According to science, a black hole continues to eat and eat and eat everything around it. All of this matter is gone due to the massive gravitation. But according to science’s Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, neither energy nor mass is destroyed, only tranformed or transferred. So, if science is accurate on these things, what happens to everything the black hole eats? Is it being spat out in another part of the universe? Or is science actually wrong on their Laws?

From the Ghost Ninja # 13